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Post 2: FEAR - COVID 19 - Novel Coronavirus

EVERYONE has something to say on this topic, rightfully so, the whole world is going bonkers with fear of catching the Coronavirus. The supermarket shelves are mostly bare, you can't find toilet paper or hand sanitiser anywhere, people are spinning out, conferences are cancelled or reimagined, sporting events held in isolation, the NBA just cancelled the season, Trump shut the US borders to Europe, our beloved Tom Hanks is the new face of COVID 19, doomsday preppers are celeb

Post 1: Fear & Freedom - Purpose

For as long as I can remember, two of the most motivating factors in my life have been fear and freedom, two concepts that I inherited from the society I was born into. America has long stood as a symbol of freedom; we can look back on history to see how the nation's various administrations, and popular culture, used fear to manage and motivate every generation. I have written on the topic of fear, specifically around change, but I have not spent much time on the freedom topi

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